[No. 2] Love Is Carrying Each Other’s Burdens

What is love? Love is carrying each other’s burdens.

So often we think we are too messed up or too heavy,

and we don’t want to weigh down the other person.

The great thing about loving someone is that you want to help carry their burdens with them.

You both can healthily rely on the other,

which is different than one side unloading on the other.

It’s not just spouses, it’s also for good friends.

Life is too hard to walk alone.

I had the tendency to take myself out of the circle to go “fix myself”

and bring myself back into it, all joyful and “fixed.”

Love has taught me he wants to walk with me not just in the good times but also in the hard times.

That’s what makes the good times great.

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Title image captured by Allison Stoddard Photography


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