Tuesday, September 27, 2022

[No. 16] Love Is Holding No Record of Wrongs

What is love? Love is holding no record of wrongs.

It’s not “I forgive you” but still giving the cold shoulder.

No matter how badly you want to give them that chilly, chilly shoulder.

It’s not “water under the bridge” but still constructing a wall to distance yourself.

You know what kind of wall I’m talking about.

One of those Great Wall of China walls we’re so good at building.

It’s not “let bygones be bygones” but bringing it back up in a current argument and

it’s not “forgive, but don’t forget” or  “you owe me.”

Do you get what I’m saying?

Love keeps NO record of wrongs.

If it were easy, we’d allll do it.

And so much of the problem lies with a severe lack of communication.

We don’t get to hold grudges for something we never conveyed (!!!).

Just look at our world’s growing number of breakups, separations, & divorces

to see how many records of wrong are tearing relationships apart.

My challenge to you: Search your heart for any grudges you hold.

Write those down.

Either talk to the person, or drop it like it’s hot!


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