[No.62] Love Is Finding Healthy Adult Friendships

What is love? Love is finding healthy adult friendships.

Whew. These are rare to find, and tough to be. Suddenly, you’re not making friends out of convenience like being in school or growing up together. Suddenly, you really are just a tiny fish in the big sea trying to find your people. Who are these blessed unicorns? These friends want you to thrive, have peace, and help you be better without comparing themselves to you. They stop your gossip and they don’t gossip about you. They don’t use you.

These friends don’t judge you but they don’t hesitate to tell you when you’re making decisions that hurt you. They ask you what you need, pray for you, respect you, and love you. Realistically, they do these things ~75% of the time. But with grace you remember you’re nowhere near perfect either and you value the effort. Have you found making adult friendships to be easy or difficult? Tell me your thoughts below!


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