Saturday, July 4, 2020

[No. 25] Love Is Consistent Pursuit

Love is consistent pursuit.
Remember your first couple dates when everything was exciting,
butterflies lived in your stomach, and every phone call was special?
How do couples get from that to staring at phones
while sitting across from each other, “on a date”?

Our time in Costa Rica has been a re{treat}.
In addition to rest, we’ve filled each day with little challenges for each other:
daily quiet times with God, work out every afternoon,
eat healthily at {most} meals, and talk in Spanish with hotel staff & each other.
One time we couldn’t remember the word for sunglasses
so we said “ventanas de los ojos” which translates to windows of the eyes.
LOL. Dead serious.

Friendship in a marriage is just as important as romance.
People have said that with time the “rose tinted glasses come off”
or the “spark fades”,
but the couples I look up to most are the ones that have managed to
keep their friendship AND romantic relationship strong as steel
— 20, 30, 40 years down the road.
So worth the effort!
Want something actionable?
Start with a weekly date night and please,
put those darn phones away.

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